Have You Seen My Apple Smart Glasses?

Apple Glasses

If you are among the many people that were hoping to get some Apple Smart Glasses for a holiday gift this year, you would be wise to remember the old adage that “Good things come to those that wait.”

Take heart; the idea is one that Apple will inevitably pursue.  Although they typically enjoy being first to market with new technology, they may have learned a few things from the criticism that Google got for their disastrous launch of Google Glass earlier this year.  The questions that were initially “can we?” pivoted quickly to “should we?”

This augmented reality technology will be a game changer.  Rushing it to market before it’s perfection is just not a good strategy.  For now, Apple is sticking to their guns and not talking about projects that are in development.  Some rumors say that they will have an optical product using augmented reality next year, but the more common discussions predicting a 2020 release are probably a little more realistic.

The Technology Needs To Be Refined

Although Apple is working on projects around augmented reality, they say that it isn’t time yet.  The technology is just not there.  Their version of the AR glasses will likely be in development for some time to come.

The New Operating System

When the technology is ready to go, it will require a new operating system, called rOS which is said to be in development by Apple.  Practical applications that will work with the glasses must be considered carefully to avoid rejection from the public over perceived privacy issues.  It’s probably a good idea that Apple works out all societal concerns before an expensive launch.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

If you don’t keep up with tech trends, you might be asking yourself, “Haven’t we been using augmented reality for a while now?”  It’s easy to confuse augmented reality with virtual reality, which has been on the market for a few years now.  Here’s the difference.

Virtual reality will take users into an entirely virtual world.  This is the technology you use when you put on the “glasses” or viewer, and hike in the Himalayas, or compete in a world surfing competition… all from your living room.

Augmented reality will take digital properties and layer them onto the real world, enhancing the experience, but not replacing it entirely.  This possibility is exciting and scary all at once, with people pondering with applications it has in store.

This Development is One to Follow

Progress will, no doubt, be followed carefully by Apple fans and AR enthusiasts alike.  General techies will be paying close attention as well.  Although it’s  off in the future somewhere, Apple is rumored to have several patents in place that will comprise components of a future product utilizing this technology.

The promise of augmented reality coming to life in a meaningful way is a thrill to consider.  If you’re looking for Apple to deliver on this promise, Watch This Space!

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